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Project Description

OpenXmlPackaging is a tool for making developer's life much easier while writing Microsoft Excel files (Open Xml files - 2007 and above). Written completely in C#, the tool makes use of Windowsbase.dll's System.IO.Packaging namespace for packaging the Excel file. It does NOT use OpenXml SDK or any other Interop dlls. 

Please refer to the Documentation section for usage.

Using the tool any developer can do the following things.

  1. Create an excel file from scratch.
  2. Put a value in a selected cell. 
  3. Change Styles - Fonts, Borders, NumberFormat, Alignment, Background/Foreground colors.
  4. Import Data tables with/without column headers.
  5. Auto fit columns as well as manually setting column widths.

I am adding a few more features like adding Charts, Embedding Images and more.

Use it, modify it, contribute and recommend it!!

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